10 Interesting Facts About #Iris Apfel

By Ays News

March  02, 2024

 Unique Style Icon: Iris Apfel is known for her bold and eclectic fashion sense. She loves mixing different patterns, colors, and textures in her outfits.

 Businesswoman: Iris Apfel started her own textile company with her husband, Carl Apfel, called Old World Weavers. They worked together for many years designing fabrics for interior design projects.

 Interior Designer: Apart from her work in fashion, Iris is also known for her interior design skills. She has worked on projects for many famous clients, including several U.S. presidents.

 Fashion Icon: Iris has been featured in numerous fashion magazines and documentaries. Her distinctive look and fearless attitude towards fashion have made her a style icon.

 Art Collector: Iris has a passion for collecting art and unique objects from around the world. Her collection includes everything from jewelry and clothing to furniture and sculptures.

 Ageless Beauty: Despite being in her nineties, Iris continues to be active in the fashion world. She's proof that style and creativity have no age limit.

 Documentary Star: Iris became even more famous after the release of the documentary film "Iris" in 2014. The film showcases her life, career, and unique sense of style.

 Role Model: Iris inspires people of all ages to embrace their individuality and express themselves through fashion and design.

 Social Media Star: Despite her age, Iris has a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares her fashion adventures with her followers.

 Author: Iris has also written books about fashion, style, and her life experiences. Her books offer insights into her world and serve as inspiration for aspiring fashionistas.