10 Most Famous Sweet's Of India 

 Ays News

 January 06, 2024   7:33pm

Gulab Jamun: These soft, deep-fried dumplings made from khoya (reduced milk) are soaked in sugar syrup and flavored with cardamom.

 Jalebi: This popular dessert is made by deep-frying wheat flour batter into pretzel or spiral shapes and soaking them in sugar syrup, resulting in a sweet and sticky treat.

Rasgulla: Originating from the state of West Bengal, Rasgulla is a soft and spongy cottage cheese ball soaked in sugar syrup.

 Ladoo: There are various types of ladoos in India, such as Besan Ladoo (made from gram flour), Motichoor Ladoo (tiny gram flour balls), and Rava Ladoo (made from semolina).

 Barfi: A dense and sweet confection made from condensed milk, sugar, and ghee, Barfi comes in various flavors like kaju (cashew), pista (pistachio), and coconut.

 Rasmalai: Similar to Rasgulla, Rasmalai consists of flattened cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened, saffron-flavored milk.

Halwa: There are numerous types of halwa in India, including Gajar ka Halwa (carrot halwa), Sooji Halwa (semolina halwa), and Badam Halwa (almond halwa).

 Mysore Pak: Originating from the southern state of Karnataka, Mysore Pak is a sweet made from gram flour, ghee, and sugar, resulting in a dense and rich treat.

 Kaju Katli: A popular sweet made from cashews, sugar, and ghee, Kaju Katli is known for its smooth texture and rich flavor.

 Ghevar: This Rajasthani delicacy is made during festivals like Teej. It consists of a disc-shaped sweet made from flour and soaked in sugar syrup.