6 Most Famous US Baar's

 Ays News 

 January 06,2024

5:40 pm

 Cheers - Boston, Massachusetts: The Cheers bar, originally known as the Bull & Finch Pub, gained fame as the inspiration for the TV show "Cheers."

 Tiki-Ti - Los Angeles, California: A legendary tiki bar known for its exotic drinks and unique atmosphere.

 The Rainbow Bar and Grill - West Hollywood, California: A historic rock and roll hangout, frequented by musicians and celebrities.

 The Green Mill - Chicago, Illinois: A jazz club with a rich history, known for hosting famous jazz musicians.

 The Bluebird Cafe - Nashville, Tennessee: A famous venue for live music, particularly in the country and folk genres.

 McSorley's Old Ale House - New York City, New York: One of the oldest bars in NYC, known for its historic charm and sawdust-covered floors.