Jan 05,2024

8 animals whose behaviour is very similar to human 

By Ays News

  Chimpanzees and Bonobos:  These primates are our closest living relatives, sharing about 98% of our DNA. They display complex social structures, use tools, and exhibit problem-solving skills. Chimpanzees, in particular, have been observed using tools for various purposes.

 Dolphins Dolphins are known for their high intelligence, complex communication skills, and playful behavior. They live in social groups and have been observed using tools, coordinating group hunting, and even displaying signs of self-awareness.

 Elephants:  Elephants are highly intelligent and social animals. They live in tight-knit family groups, exhibit problem-solving skills, and display emotions such as grief and joy. Elephants also have a strong sense of self-awareness.

 Orangutans : Like chimpanzees, orangutans are great apes and share a significant amount of DNA with humans. They are known for their advanced problem-solving abilities and the use of tools in their daily lives.

 Cephalopods (Octopuses and Cuttlefish):  Octopuses and cuttlefish are known for their problem-solving abilities, complex behaviors, and even short-term memory. They can manipulate objects and have been observed using tools and solving puzzles.

 Crows and Ravens:  Corvids, including crows and ravens, are highly intelligent birds. They can solve problems, use tools, and even plan for the future. Some studies have shown that crows can recognize themselves in mirrors, a sign of self-awareness.

 Bottlenose Dolphins:  These dolphins have been extensively studied for their advanced cognitive abilities. They use a variety of vocalizations for communication, have complex social structures, and exhibit problem-solving skills. Dolphins have also been known to show empathy towards injured or distressed individuals.

 Ants : While on a smaller scale, ant colonies display remarkable organizational and cooperative behaviors. Ants communicate using pheromones, allocate tasks based on individual abilities, and even engage in agriculture by cultivating fungi.