AI and You: ChatGPT Helps Author Win Literary Prize

 January 25.2024 AYS

 There have been many warnings, including by President Joe Biden, about how generative AI can be used to manipulate audio and video to create deepfakes that show people -- politicians, among them -- saying or doing things they didn't actually say or do.

 Swifties will know that she's a fan of Le Creuset cookware. "Her collection of the cookware has been featured on a Tumblr account dedicated to the pop star's home decor,

 But her love of colorful enameled cookware didn't prompt her to pitch the pricey pots and such in ads, which showed up on Facebook and Tiktok.

 The ads, using her voice and face, were created by AI and had Swift supposedly telling her fans that she was "thrilled" to offer free cookware sets to those who answered a few questions before trying to reel them in with the true scam.

 Noted the Times, "The ads sent viewers to websites that mimicked legitimate outlets like the Food Network, which showcased fake news coverage of the Le Creuset offer alongside testimonials from fabricated customers.

 Raise your hand if you've ever turned to Google to diagnose a medical issue. With AI, expect even more of us to turn to ChatGPT and other tools to get answers to our health questions.