Barbie: The World Tour Book Pays Homage Her Vintage Style And Is "Dedicated To All The Barbie Lovers"

 January 25.2024

 That the Barbie movie took the world by storm last year, was a well-known fact.

 From a sea of pink heading to the cinema to themed menus to dolls being a popular Halloween costume, the Barbie craze took over the entire planet for months at a stretch

 It was also the fashion sphere that was greatly impacted by the Barbie movie. 

 press tour wardrobe for Margot Robbie that was nostalgic yet sophisticated enough to pay homage to the doll.

 Now, it's opened up to the world in a new book on the subject.

 Barbie: The World Tour is scheduled for release in March 2024.

 It is the product of Andrew and his muse Margot immersing themselves in Barbie's most iconic outfits

 then approaching designers like Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace to create looks inspired by the original doll outfits

 Although the movie press tour was cut short, the book includes images of the curated style shot in the way they were intended;

 Schiaparelli worn in Los Angeles, Vivienne Westwood styled in London and vintage Chanel with matching Streamline luggage to travel at the airport.

 He signed off by saying, "This book is a labor of love, dedicated to all the Barbie lovers and fashion fans around the world. Hope you enjoy."