Good news for pensioners, big decision taken in cabinet meeting,

January 30,2024 ist

 Pensioners Pension: The amount of old age pension is Rs 1000 whereas in Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal Rs 300 is provided as old age pension.

 There is relief news for lakhs of pensioners of the state. An important decision has been taken by the government. Under which they will now be given pension benefits. For this, a big decision has been taken in the cabinet meeting.

 This proposal has been approved in the cabinet meeting chaired by the Chief Minister. More than 18 lakh people are estimated to benefit from this scheme.

 Pensioners Pension: Benefits of government pension to pensioners

 Earlier, it was announced by the Chief Minister on the fourth anniversary of the government that pension benefits will be given to all women and other people who have attained the age of 50 years in the state. He will be eligible for pension benefits.

 Earlier the age for receiving pension was 60 years. Now after 1 month, this proposal has been approved in the Soren cabinet meeting.

 With the approval of this question by Surendra Government of Jharkhand, now women of all categories except SC/ST in Jharkhand will be given the benefit of government pension after crossing the age of 50 years. To get old age pension, it will be mandatory to follow certain terms and conditions.

Jharkhand has become the first state in the country to give pension at the age of 50 years. To avail the benefit of old age pension, it is necessary to be a resident of Jharkhand. A person who does not fall in the tax paying category can avail the benefit of this pension.