Poppy Harlow Bids Farewell to CNN: 08 Fast Facts

 Saying Goodbye: Veteran journalist Poppy Harlow is officially leaving CNN after nearly two decades.

 A Time for Change: Her departure follows the cancellation of "CNN This Morning," the show she co-anchored.

 A Long Tenure:  Harlow joined CNN in 2008 and rose through the ranks, becoming a familiar face on the network.

 From Newsroom to Morning Show:  She anchored both "CNN Newsroom" and "CNN This Morning" showcasing her versatility.

 Shifting Landscape:  The media landscape is changing, and CNN's shake-up impacted Harlow's role.

 Fond Memories:  Harlow expressed her gratitude to CNN, calling it a "gift" and a place where she grew as a journalist.

 Family Time:  She plans to spend more time with her family, a priority after years of dedication to news.

A New Chapter Begins:   It's the end of an era at CNN for Harlow, but the door is open for exciting new opportunities!