Sania Mirza’s divorce from Shoaib Malik 

 Ays News

 January 21.1.2024 IST

 Shoaib Malik revealed through a social media post on January 20 that he had married well-known Pakistani actress Sana Javed.

 A family source revealed to PTI that it was Sania Mirza who had filed for a divorce. "It was a 'khula'. I do not wish to comment beyond this," said the source.

 Pakistani publication Geo TV earlier reported that the divorce proceeding had started as early as late 2022. It cited sources to reveal that Sania had been unhappy with Malik meeting other women.

 While she had been ignoring it for a while, the finest women's tennis player India has ever produced lost her patience with her husband and took the step.

 The Pakistani publication also revealed that Shoaib Malik’s family was “very sad" with the divorce. Therefore, they did not attend his wedding.

 In Talaaq, the husband decides to divorce. He tells his wife he wants a divorce, either by speaking or writing. Then, there's a waiting time called 'iddah' to see if they can fix things. If they can't, the divorce is final after this time.

 In Khula, on the contrary, the wife takes the initiative for a divorce. Usually, she gives back her dowry or wedding gifts. Like Talaaq, there's a waiting time, but here it's more about the wife wanting to leave.