Sun, Palms & Shootouts: 10 Fun Facts About Beverly Hills Cop

By Ays News April 27, 2024

Street Smart vs. Fancy Pants: Detroit cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) clashes with Beverly Hills' pampered PD in this iconic 80s comedy.

 Banana in the Tailpipe:  Get ready for quotable lines and laugh-out-loud moments – this movie is a classic for a reason!

Axel's Anthem:  Harold Faltermeyer's electrifying score is as legendary as the film itself. Think "Axel F!"

 From Stand-Up to Silver Screen:  Eddie Murphy's breakout role launched him into superstardom.

 Beverly Hills (Almost) Wasn't:  The film was originally set in Detroit, but the switch to Beverly Hills added a layer of comedic fish-out-of-water action.

Action Star in the Making:  Eddie Murphy performed many of his own stunts, showcasing his athleticism.

 Taggart's Turn:  John Ashton's uptight Captain Bogomil is a hilarious foil to Axel's loose-cannon style.

 More Than Laughs:   The film tackles social commentary about class and race, with a healthy dose of humor.

 Sequel Success:  "Beverly Hills Cop" spawned two sequels, though the original remains the fan favorite.

 Sun's Out, Guns Out:   Get ready for an action-packed adventure with unforgettable characters and a killer soundtrack!