Top 10 Biryani Hotels In United States

 Ays News IST

Feb 11,2024

 Biryani Pot - Locations in various states including Texas, Georgia, California, Illinois, and others. Known for their authentic Indian flavors and diverse Biryani options.

 Paradise Biryani Pointe - With several locations across the US, this chain offers a variety of flavorful Biryani dishes in a casual dining setting.

 Hyderabad House - Found in states like Texas, New Jersey, and Virginia, Hyderabad House serves up traditional Hyderabadi Biryani along with other Indian specialties.

 Persis Biryani Indian Grill - With multiple locations in states such as Texas, Florida, and Georgia, Persis Biryani Indian Grill is known for its delicious Biryani and other Indian delicacies.

 Bawarchi Biryanis - This chain has locations in various states including Texas, California, New Jersey, and others. They offer a range of Biryani options with distinct flavors.

 Biryani Factory - Located in Virginia, Biryani Factory is known for its flavorful Biryani varieties and other Indian dishes.

 Masti Indian Grill & Chaat - Based in Texas, Masti Indian Grill & Chaat offers a fusion of Indian flavors, including aromatic Biryani dishes.

 Chutneys Indian Cuisine - With locations in New Jersey and Texas, Chutneys Indian Cuisine is praised for its authentic flavors and diverse menu, including various types of Biryani.

 Aachi Aapakadai - Found in states like New Jersey, Aachi Aapakadai specializes in South Indian cuisine, including flavorful Biryani options.

 Mirch Masala - With locations in states like California and Texas, Mirch Masala offers a blend of Indian flavors, including aromatic Biryani dishes.