Top 10 Most Like beer Brand In India 

 1. Kingfisher

The beer's top seller in India is Kingfisher Strong, which is the strongest beer with an 8 percent alcohol level. It is tasty & the lush Indian cuisine blends well with it.

 2. Carlsberg

 Carlsberg is the Indian Beer Industry's top leader. It has retained its place between beer enthusiasts with its fresh & crispy taste.

 3. Budweiser

 Budweiser beer with a perfect texture is crunchy & fragrant. Every first taste of beer someone encounters, not only in India but throughout the world. In a hot climate, the taste of flavors makes it ideal to consume. It is a front runner and one of the Top Indian beer brands.

 4. Tuborg

This is for you if you like powerful beer. Tuborg has a better taste compared to other brands of beer trade in the market, the desire for powerful beers among the Indian consumer base in view. The lager beer, with a mild sweetness in the middle, is medium-bodied, healthy & crispy. It blends well with Indian food, which is abundant.

5. Heineken 

 It is only produced with triple Barley, Hops & Distilled Water additives that give it a distinct flavor that has been stable over the year. With a rich yellowish-brown color and a sweetish flavor, Heineken is a scotch ale Malt beer.

 6. Foster's

 It was established in 1887 by Wiliam & Ralph Foster. These siblings were so committed to sell the beer that they sold it with ice to deliver ice-cold beer in Australia's warm temperatures. Foster is a gentle, larger beer with a simple and elegant taste at the endnote and marginally hop resentment.

 7. Corona Extra

 Corona is produced in Mexico, but AB InBev in Belgium owns the manufacturing company. Corona is the remedy when you are searching for a new & crispy summer beer! After a day on the seashore, it is delightfully tasty & fresh.

 8. Haywards 5000

 British citizen Sir Anthony Hayward established the Haywards alcohol label, and his grandchildren manage a wonderful legacy bed and breakfast in South Goa. Of course, the restaurant offers Haywards 5000. And, for anyone who can break the winning record of drinking beer, they provide the beer at free of cost.

 9. Godfather

 In north India, where it is trendy in young people, Godfather is mainly consumed. According to the economy, the company has a customer base of about 20-50 percent. A wide variety of advertisements supported its development.

 10. Hoegaarden

 Hoegaarden Beer suits well together with every type of food for an afternoon brunch, cocktail party or grilling atmosphere. To enhance its taste, it is generally consumed chilled with a squeeze of orange or lemon.