Vegetables Hate Are Actually Anhealthy   

 BY :  Ays News

 JAN 13.2024

 1. Brussels Sprouts: These can have a strong and slightly bitter flavor, which may not appeal to everyone.

 2. Beets: Some people find the earthy taste of beets to be an acquired taste.

 3. Okra: Its slimy texture when cooked can be off-putting for some individuals.

 4. Turnips: The strong and somewhat peppery flavor of turnips may not be enjoyed by everyone.

 5. Eggplant: The texture of cooked eggplant can be divisive, and some people may not like its spongy consistency.

 6. Cilantro: While technically an herb, the taste of cilantro is polarizing, with some people finding it refreshing and others describing it as soapy.

 7. Mushrooms: Not everyone enjoys the texture or flavor of mushrooms, which can be earthy and sometimes described as "meaty."