Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text

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Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text

Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text
Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text

Texting Pranks that Pull on Your Friend’s Heartstrings (in a good way!)

Pranks are all about that laugh-out-loud moment, but who says they can’t play with emotions a bit too? Here are some unique text pranks that’ll leave your friends with a rollercoaster of feelings (mostly amusement, we promise!):

The “Oh No!” Build-Up

  • Start with a vague text like “Hey, gotta tell you something…” followed by long pauses between replies. Add emojis like or for extra effect. Finally, reveal something anticlimactic, like “I finally finished organizing my sock drawer!”

The Fake News Flash

  • Craft a dramatic text about a fictional event related to a shared interest. For example, “Dude, did you hear [celebrity they love] is quitting acting?!” Then, after a few frantic replies, hit them with the “Just kidding! April Fools’ was coming early this year, huh?”

The Accidental Text

  • Pretend to text the wrong person, showering your friend with compliments or spilling an exciting secret meant for someone else. Quickly follow up with an “Oops! Wrong number!” act surprised they responded.

The Mysterious Disappearing Act

  • Start a conversation with a friend, then mid-sentence…poof! Stop replying. Wait a reasonable amount of time before reappearing with a simple “Hey, still there?” This playful ghosting will leave them wondering for a bit.

The Emoji Misunderstanding

  • Send a series of seemingly random emojis that could be interpreted in multiple ways. Let your friend stew in confusion for a bit before revealing your actual (lighthearted) message.


  • Know your audience! These pranks work best on friends who can take a joke.
  • Keep it light and playful. Avoid anything that might cause genuine worry.
  • End with a laugh! Text back and explain the prank, letting them in on the fun.

Bonus Prank

  • Throughout the day, send your friend random texts about a made-up task you’re doing, like “Finally deflated the bouncy castle!” or “Just caught the escaped hamster!” Leave them piecing together this ridiculous scenario until you reveal the prank.

So go forth and text-taunt your friends! With a little creativity, you can craft some hilarious pranks that will have you both rolling on the floor (laughing). april fool day.

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April Fools’ Whatsapp Jokes For Family

Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text
Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text
  1. cWeather Forecast Trick: Send a message saying, “Due to extreme weather conditions, all April Fools’ jokes have been postponed until further notice. Please stay indoors and avoid pranking your family members!”
  2. Virtual Pet Prank: Share a picture of an imaginary pet with a caption like, “Meet our new family pet! We adopted a unicorn. Don’t worry, it’s invisible!”
  3. DIY Voice Command Prank: Send a message suggesting that WhatsApp has a new feature that allows voice commands to send messages. Encourage family members to try it out by saying something like, “Just say ‘WhatsApp, send a message to everyone: I’m secretly a ninja!'”
  4. Selfie Filter Prank: Share a selfie with a filter that makes it look like you’ve turned into a cartoon character or an animal. Caption it with, “Oops! I think I accidentally used the ‘April Fools’ filter. Do I look different?”
  5. Parking Ticket Prank: Pretend to have received a parking ticket and send a picture of a fake citation attached to your car. Follow up with, “Just kidding! April Fools’! But seriously, who knew trees could be so strict about parking?”
  6. Virtual Vacation Prank: Share a photoshopped image of yourself in an exotic location like the top of Mount Everest or on a deserted island. Caption it with, “Just booked my dream vacation! April Fools! I’m actually just in my backyard.”
  7. WhatsApp Emoticon Confusion: Send a message with a series of random emojis and say, “WhatsApp just introduced a secret language feature! Decode this message to find out what it says. Hint: It’s an April Fools’ joke!”
  8. Recipe Swap Prank: Share a picture of an outrageous food combination like spaghetti topped with gummy worms or ice cream with ketchup. Caption it with, “Trying out a new recipe for dinner tonight! What do you think? April Fools! Stick to the classics!”
  9. Invisible Ink Prank: Send a message saying, “WhatsApp has a new feature! Type your message and then tap on the ‘invisible ink’ button to send a hidden message. Try it out!” When they can’t find the button, follow up with, “April Fools! But wouldn’t that be cool?”
  10. Voice Message Switcheroo: Record a message saying something silly or unexpected like singing the alphabet backward or reciting a tongue twister. Then send it with the caption, “Oops! Accidentally sent you a voice message meant for my singing debut. April Fools! But seriously, should I audition for ‘The Voice’?”

Amazing April Fools Prank Over Tex

Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text
Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Text
  1. Auto-Correct Madness: Send a text message to a family member or friend pretending that your phone’s auto-correct feature has gone haywire. For example, type something like, “I just saw a herd of flying pigs outside my window! Duck!”
  2. Virtual Pet Adoption: Send a message announcing that you’ve adopted a pet dinosaur or a unicorn and ask your recipient for name suggestions. Keep the joke going until they catch on or until you reveal the prank.
  3. Remote Control Prank: Text someone in your family pretending to be a TV remote control manufacturer. Tell them that their remote control has a new experimental feature: mind control. Then suggest some hilarious scenarios they can try, like making their sibling dance by pressing the power button twice.
  4. Fake News Alert: Craft a convincing fake news headline and send it to a family member, such as “Breaking News: Scientists Discover a New Species of Talking Squirrels!” Watch their reaction as they try to verify the news.
  5. Unexpected Emoji Story: Send a series of random emojis to someone with no context and claim that it’s a secret message. Let them speculate about what you’re trying to convey until you reveal that it’s just an April Fools’ joke.
  6. “Wrong Number” Mishap: Text a family member pretending to be someone else and act like you’ve dialed the wrong number. Make up a humorous conversation and see how long it takes for them to figure out it’s you.
  7. Puzzle Prank: Send a text message with a riddle or a puzzle that seems impossible to solve, such as “What has keys but can’t open locks? Hint: It’s not a locksmith!” Sit back and enjoy their attempts to solve the mystery.
  8. Time Travel Announcement: Send a text claiming that you’ve invented a time machine and you’re about to embark on a journey to the past or future. Invite them to join you on your adventure, but be sure to reveal the prank before they start packing their bags.
  9. Virtual Haunted House: Text someone in your family pretending to be a ghost haunting your house. Describe spooky occurrences like flickering lights or mysterious noises and see how long you can keep up the charade before they realize it’s just a prank.
  10. Celebrity Sighting: Text a family member claiming that you just spotted a famous celebrity in an unlikely place, like your local grocery store or the park. Describe the encounter in vivid detail and see if they believe your tall tale.

Emotional Pranks To Do On Friends Over Tex

  1. “I’m Moving Away”: Send a text to your friend saying you have some big news to share and then follow it up with “I’m moving away!” After a moment of panic, quickly reveal it’s just an April Fools’ joke.
  2. “Lost Wallet”: Text your friend claiming you found their wallet and that you’re holding onto it for them. Let them stew for a bit before revealing that it’s just a prank.
  3. “Unexpected Visitor”: Text your friend claiming that a mutual friend or relative they haven’t seen in years is in town and wants to meet up with them. After they get excited, reveal that it was just a joke.
  4. “Surprise Gift”: Text your friend saying you got them a surprise gift and build up the anticipation. Then send a picture of something absurd or funny, like a potato with a bow on it, claiming it’s their gift.
  5. “Failed Prank”: Pretend to be upset with your friend, claiming they ruined a prank you had planned. When they apologize and ask what happened, reveal that the prank was pretending to be upset in the first place.
  6. “Unexpected Announcement”: Text your friend claiming you have a big announcement to make, building up their anticipation. Then reveal something silly or mundane, like you’ve decided to start wearing socks with sandals.
  7. “Fake Bad News”: Text your friend claiming you have some bad news to share, but make it something trivial like you ran out of their favorite snack. Let them worry for a moment before revealing the harmless nature of the news.
  8. “Secret Crush Confession”: Text your friend claiming to be someone they have a secret crush on and express your feelings for them. After they react, reveal that it was just a prank and share a laugh.
  9. “Lost Phone”: Text your friend claiming to have lost your phone and that you’re using someone else’s to message them. Pretend to be a stranger for a few messages before revealing your true identity.
  10. “Unexpected Invitation”: Text your friend inviting them to a fake event or party, making it sound exciting and exclusive. After they express interest, reveal that it was just a prank and invite them to hang out instead.

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