Hit & Run Law: What happened suddenly, lines started forming at petrol pumps across the country

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Hit & Run Law: What happened suddenly, lines started forming at petrol pumps across the country, strike further 3 days.

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New Delhi: The new hit and run law is being protested across the country. Truck drivers in most states are opposing this law. Because under this, a provision for more stringent punishment has now been made. The situation is worsening due to trucks stopping wheels in many states including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab.

(Hit & Run Law: What happened suddenly) This is also affecting the supply of essential goods. In view of the fear of shortage of petrol and diesel in many cities, people are crowding at petrol pumps. This situation is arising because tankers bringing petrol and diesel are also involved in the strike. People are apprehensive that they might run out of petrol and diesel in their city.


Its effect was visible in Chandigarh

Hit & Run Law: What happened suddenly

Its effect is already visible in Chandigarh. Many petrol pumps in Chandigarh have run out of petrol and diesel. There are many petrol pumps where only petrol and diesel were left till today afternoon i.e. Tuesday afternoon. (Hit & Run Law: What happened suddenly)In many cities of Himachal Pradesh, petrol and diesel had run out on Monday i.e. 1st January itself. Meanwhile, long queues of vehicles formed at the petrol pumps where oil was available.

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queue in bhopal

Tankers are stuck at many places due to the wheels of trucks stopping and fuel is not reaching the petrol pumps. Its effect has also started becoming visible on petrol pumps of Madhya Pradesh. In the capital Bhopal, people have been standing in queues at petrol pumps for hours. People are afraid of running out of oil. Same is the situation in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

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Bad situation in UP also

Petrol pumps have become dry in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. (Hit & Run Law: What happened suddenly)Chaos has spread outside the petrol pump in Kanpur. There are long queues outside petrol pumps. There is competition among drivers to fill diesel and petrol. There is uneasiness among the people due to the rumor that petrol pumps will remain closed for 3 days due to the strike. Petrol has run out at Bahraich pump. More or less the same scene was seen in Agra also. People did not get petrol for one and a half hours at the Bharat Petroleum pump located on Sai Ki Takiya. Petrol pump operators say that if the strike continues, there may be problems in supply.

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Why did the traffic jam happen?

Under the new hit and run law, if someone is found guilty, a provision of 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10 lakh has been implemented. In the coming time, its new provisions will replace the old provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). But protests have started regarding the new provision.


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Provision for strict punishment in the new law

According to the new provision, if someone dies in a road accident and the driver of the vehicle runs away from the spot, he can be sentenced to 10 years in jail and will also have to pay a fine. Hit & Run Law: What happened suddenly In the hit and run case, earlier there was a provision of two years of imprisonment and bail was also easily available. These strict provisions are becoming the reason for its opposition.


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