How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have

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How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have

How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have
How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have

How Many Little Champs Does Boxer Ryan Garcia Have in His Corner?

Ryan Garcia may be a force to be reckoned with in the boxing ring, but outside the ropes, his family is his biggest win. Many fans are curious about the boxer’s crew, so let’s break down how many children Ryan Garcia has.

The Champ’s Crew: Three Little Champions

Ryan Garcia is a proud father of three! Here’s a quick round-up of his little champions

  • Rylie: This strong and independent daughter came into the world in 2019 from Ryan’s previous relationship with Catherine Gomez.
  • Bela: Arriving in December 2020, Bela is Ryan’s second child, born to his former wife Drea Celina.
  • Henry: The newest member of the team, Henry, Ryan’s son with Drea Celina, joined the family in December 2023.
A Supportive Dad

While Ryan may be known for his knockout punches, he’s also dedicated to his children. He often shares sweet moments with them on social media, showcasing his love and support.

So there you have it! Ryan Garcia’s got a cheering section of three outside the ring, and that’s a pretty awesome win in itself.

Who is Ryan Garcia girlfriends?

Ryan Garcia’s current girlfriend is Mikaela Testa. She’s an Australian social media influencer who has gained popularity on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Their relationship is fairly new, having been made public in February 2024. It’s important to note that Ryan was previously married to Andrea Celina, but they divorced in January 2024.

 How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have
How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have

Are Ryan and Drea still together?

No, Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina are not together anymore. They announced their divorce in January 2024, shortly after the birth of their son Henry. While the timing of the announcement surprised many, it seems they are focusing on co-parenting their two children.

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How much does Ryan Garcia make?

Ryan Garcia’s earnings depend on the fight and how he performs

  • Early Career: He started with purses around $55,000, but quickly climbed to bigger payouts.
  • Recent Fights:His minimum guaranteed purse was $2 million for fights against Javier Fortuna (2022) and likely similar for Oscar Duarte (2024).
  • Bigger fights bring a bigger payday. For the Emmanuel Tagoe bout (2022), he reportedly earned a base of $1 million, but with a share of pay-per-view sales, his total earnings jumped to around $3 million.
  • The Big Fight (Garcia vs. Haney, April 2024): Though details are private, predictions suggested he would make well over $7 million, potentially even more than his opponent Devin Haney. This fight might have also included a bonus based on the fight’s performance.
How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have
How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have / How much does Ryan Garcia make?

Why did Ryan divorce Drea?

The official reason behind Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina’s divorce is irreconcilable differences. This legal term basically means there were issues in the marriage that couldn’t be resolved.

How did Ryan meet his wife?

He was previously married to Drea Celina, but they divorced in January 2024. Unfortunately, information about how they met isn’t publicly available. They might have chosen to keep that detail private.

Final TakeAway:

So there you have it! Ryan Garcia’s got a full cheering section outside the ring, with three amazing kids, and maybe even a lucky charm for his next fight. Whether he’s dodging punches or diaper duty, Ryan shows us that being a champion extends far beyond the boxing ring. Here’s to Ryan’s continued success, both in the ring and as a dad!

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