Suzanne Collins Education….

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Suzanne Collins Education….

Suzanne Collins Education....
Suzanne Collins Education….

Suzanne Collins: From Air Force Family to Literary Star – A Look at Her Educational Background

Suzanne Collins, the mastermind behind the captivating Hunger Games trilogy, wasn’t always crafting dystopian worlds. Her journey began much like her characters – full of movement and exploration.

Growing Up with the Air Force

As the daughter of a career Air Force officer, Collins’ childhood was a whirlwind of new places. This constant move between Indiana, Belgium, and Alabama likely instilled in her a sense of adaptability and a keen eye for observing different cultures – qualities that would later enrich her writing.

A Foundation in Theater and Communication

Despite the frequent moves, Collins found her academic footing at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, graduating with a major in Theater Arts. This early focus on performance likely honed her storytelling skills and her ability to connect with an audience.

Sharpening Her Craft at Indiana University

Collins didn’t stop there. She continued her education at Indiana University Bloomington, earning a double major in Theater and Telecommunications. This combination broadened her skillset, allowing her to explore the world of storytelling not just on stage, but also through the power of media.

Mastering Dramatic Writing at NYU

Finally, Suzanne Collins took her talents to the prestigious New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Here, she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing, truly sharpening her focus on crafting compelling narratives.

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From Classroom to Capitol

Collins’ educational background laid the groundwork for her phenomenal success. Her theater studies instilled a passion for storytelling, her telecommunications studies broadened her understanding of media, and her dramatic writing degree provided the tools to weave captivating narratives.

So, the next time you pick up a Hunger Games book, remember, Suzanne Collins’ journey wasn’t just about imagination – it was fueled by a strong educational foundation and a lifelong love for storytelling.

Suzanne Collins Education....
Suzanne Collins Education….

What degree did Suzanne Collins get?

Suzanne Collins actually earned two degrees! During her undergraduate studies at Indiana University Bloomington, she achieved a double major – one in Theater and another in Telecommunications. This unique combination equipped her with a strong foundation in storytelling and the ability to understand the power of media.

What are 3 facts about Suzanne Collins?

  1. Air Force Family on the Move: Suzanne Collins’ childhood was shaped by constant relocation. As the daughter of a career Air Force officer, she lived in various places throughout the eastern United States, including Indiana, Belgium, and Alabama. This instilled in her a sense of adaptability and a keen eye for observation, both of which likely influenced her writing.
  2. From Stage to Screenplay: Collins’ educational path demonstrates her evolving interest in storytelling. She began with a focus on theater at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, then broadened her scope with a double major in Theater and Telecommunications at Indiana University. This combination reflects her growing interest in the power of media to tell stories. Finally, her Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing from NYU honed her skills in crafting compelling narratives, a skill crucial for her future literary success.
  3. Children’s Television to Young Adult Dystopia: Before captivating readers with The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins honed her writing chops in the world of children’s television. She worked on popular shows like Clarissa Explains It All and Oswald, flexing her creative muscles and understanding the art of engaging a young audience. These experiences likely proved valuable when she later shifted her focus to captivating young adults with her dystopian tales.


What did Suzanne Collins do before writing books?

Before writing books, Suzanne Collins honed her storytelling skills in the world of children’s television. She started her professional career in 1991, writing for shows like the Emmy-nominated Clarissa Explains It All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. She also contributed stories to shows aimed at a younger audience like Little Bear and Oswald.

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